Chamilo LMS (1.*) uses a simple naming convention: a name of an inspiring city or locality for each version.

Chamilo LMS 1.9.8 - Thon - 2014/06/16

Chamilo LMS 1.9.8 comes with 22 new features, 31 improvements and 396 bugfixes, making it the version with the most bugs fixes in the history of Chamilo LMS (although very few were actually critical bugs). We recommend you upgrade to this version as soon as possible.

Upgrading from 1.9.0, 1.9.2, 1.9.4 or 1.9.6 to 1.9.8 is dead easy, so don't wait too long before you upgrade.

In more details, 1.9.8 brings you the following new features:

  • Added BuyCourses plugin to sell courses through PayPal from inside your portal (requires you to be an portal admin)
  • Added OpenMeetings plugin for videoconference through Chamilo
  • Added support for sessions in BigBlueButton plugin (requires re-installation or manual DB update)
  • Tickets: new support tickets system integrated as a plugin (requires activation by admin)
  • Add browser language auto-detection at first connection
  • Allow student to check his/her test results if the date of the test is over
  • Added possibility to add menu tab entry for any plugin
  • Added CAPTCHA on registration page (requires manual configuration edition)
  • Added "Sessions subscribed to" icon in users list
  • Exercises: Added auto-evaluation mode with feedback but without correct answer hint
  • Course copy: Included work/assignments copy in course copy
  • Groups: Added possibility to increase the number of users in a group above the category limit
  • Added X-SendFile support to boost files download (requires manual configuration edition and web server modules)
  • Exercises: Added possibility to clear all results before a specific date
  • Exercises: Added auditing of "clean results" action by teachers
  • Added support for "for" attributes in <label> fields for WCAG/WAI AA compatibility
  • Added user profile fields of type "File upload", allowing users to upload their CV or other documents
  • Add Aiken (Word) import format in exercises


Chamilo LMS 1.9.6 - Rochefort - 2013/06/04

Rochefort is a small city in the South of Belgium, that has existed at least since year 1041 and has shown impressive resilience and stability, which we think 1.9.6 has reached as well. Rochefort's Brewery produces a very nice trappist beer exported even to Peru! As we are getting ready for a larger battle, getting Chamilo LMS every day to a larger community, we thought we'd make a last quiet stop and salute the little town where several contributors of Chamilo have set foot in the past.

Chamilo LMS 1.9.6 comes with around 107 improvements (security fixes, code fixes, small interface changes, stability and speed increases) on top of Chamilo LMS 1.9.4. Upgrading from 1.9.0, 1.9.2 or 1.9.4 to 1.9.6 is dead easy, so don't wait too long before you upgrade.

In more details, 1.9.6 brings you the following new/improved stuff:

- updated Chamilo logo
- new checks during installation to avoid HTTP error 500 in courses[1]
- learning paths now offer a soft-HTML5-Prezi-like presentation mode
- teachers can download assignments handed out through online editor
- added "mark all as read/unread" option in social messages
- simplified procedure to add friends in social network
- simplified procedure to create certificates
- simplified procedure to upload new CSS
- fixed many course backup and PDF export bugs
- fixed several CSV import bugs
- fixed audio in BigBlueButton 0.8 plugin
- fixed very ugly bug preventing to move to next question in IE7 & IE8
- fixed several HotPotatoes issues


Chamilo LMS 1.9.4 - Puebla - 2013/01/18

Version 1.9.4 of Chamilo is named "Puebla", after the Mexican city of Puebla, a large city very close to México D.F. and is considered an "extension" of the capital city in many ways. Puebla has very nice blend of precolombine and spaniard architecture. All in all, we felt like Puebla, in tremendous growth, was a close image to Chamilo 1.9 on its way to 1.10.

Chamilo LMS 1.9.4 comes with around 140 improvements (code fixes, small interface changes, stability and speed increases) on top of Chamilo LMS 1.9.2. Upgrading from 1.9.0 or 1.9.2 to 1.9.4 is dead easy, so don't wait too long before you upgrade.

In more details, 1.9.4 brings you the following new/improved stuff:

  • Teachers can now generate an export in PDF all the certificates of their students at once (and print them as one big file)
  • Improvement to the attendances tool, allowing you to mark "late" students and warning you about overlaps
  • Stylesheets can now be uploaded *and downloaded* directly from the admin page, so happy editing!
  • Exercises now generate score reports by questions categories (nice!)
  • You can now group questions by the same media resource (a large text, a video, etc)
  • LP image is now shown as a starter icon on the course homepage if you want to
  • You can now create student classes through CSV import
  • General reports now show IP address to identify where this student was connecting from (you know... his exam seemed so good, for once...!?)


Chamilo LMS 1.9.2 - Hanga Roa - 2012/09/27

Version 1.9.2 of Chamilo is named "Hanga Roa", the capital city of Rapa Nui, the Easter Island. The entire Rapa Nui culture is filled with mystery and assumptions about where and how the first Rapa Nui people came to be on the island, but it is accepted by many that the main strain came from Polynesia a long time ago. The population there is around 3,300 but warmly welcomes tons of tourists every year, a bit in the image of the small team of Chamilo now serving more than 1.4M users worldwide, with a welcoming 1.9.2 version that will help you get more time to yourself...

This version of Chamilo comes with a wide range of new features and improvements, including (amongst other things) full HTML 5 compatibility, versatile mobile-friendly design features, question categories, the option to include voice recording in tests, integration with Facebook Connect(TM), a facility to review questions and a search facility for admin settings, all of this on top of Chamilo 1.9.0.

Chamilo LMS 1.9.0 - Vogüé - 2012/08/03

Version 1.9.0 of Chamilo has been named Vogüé after a small medieval town of Ardèche's region of France, in honour to one of the new contributors of Chamilo LMS who spends most of his holidays there. It is also a reference to the fact that Chamilo LMS comes with a reviewed aesthetic and improved reliability.

Version 1.9.0 is a major version bringing a huge series of features and improvements.

Chamilo LMS - Rottweil - 2012/07/20

Version of Chamilo has been named Rottweil in reference to a lively small medieval fortified town of Germany, which would have been a very well strategically-protected town at the time. It represents an increased level of security in this security-fix version of Chamilo.

Chamilo LMS - La Molina - 2011/08/28

Version of Chamilo has been named after La Molina, a quieter district of Lima at the border of the Andes, to which a lost of people working in the center of Lima have their residence, and home to the person who worked the most on Chamilo Julio Montoya, member of the BeezNest team. The symbolism here comes from the fact that is just a bugfix version of, and as such is more stable, while being sublimed in its style and usability, just as La Molina is quieter and more relaxing.

Version is a patch version for It brings many bugs fixes (all the bugs we have heard about on the forum should have been fixed) and  a few new features like the quick docs navigator, the QR codes and public validation for certificates, and more. Check the changelog for more details.

Chamilo LMS - Bellavista - 2011/05/31

Version of Chamilo has been named Bellavista after a surprisingly lively district of Lima, home to a new contributor to Chamilo this month.

Although version is only a fix release for, we have decided not to officially promote because of a small installation bug which was causing problems to many people installing it on free hosting. As such, is really to be considered the new 1.8.8 version.

It brings many new features, including careers and promotions management, a new session screen, text-to-speech and other multimedia creation features, many new reports, etc. Check the changelog for more details.

Chamilo LMS - Palmas - 2010/07/31

Version of Chamilo has been named Palmas after the very recent and rapidly growing city of Palmas, Brazil, in which a few of the people in charge of the Brazilian Portuguese translation are located.

This version is a minor version, which means it doesn't implement important new features, but rather focuses on stabilizing the existing ones. However, we managed to slip a few new features inside, like:

  • Multiple answers can now be shuffled
  • Added simple document search feature
  • Enabled PDF export for HTML documents in documents tool
  • Added ASCIIMathML for mathematical formulas edition
  • Added e-mail notification on wiki updates
  • Improved SCORM 1.2 tracking
  • Re-enabled course tutor role: a student can be tutor and help the teacher
  • Adding an assignment to the calendar is now done by hand out date instead of creation date
  • General improvements in gradebook tool, file manag
  • Added simple social network link featurei (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, ...) and short URL feature for users profile

Chamilo LMS 1.8.7 - Istanbul - 2010/05/31

Version 1.8.7 of Chamilo has been named Istanbul, inspired by the intercultural character of the city and the fact it is the first stable version of Chamilo (and its predecessors) to actually implement full UTF-8 support. It also supports timezone, making it easier for multicultural e-learning portals to provide time-based features for all participants, even widespread across the world.

1.8.7 also introduce a series of new concepts, including a cstomizable HR director's dashboard, attendance sheets and translation redefinitions. Try Chamilo 1.8.7 on our demo portal.

Chamilo LMS - Salto - 2010/01/18

The first version of Chamilo,, has been named "Salto", in reference to the city of Salto in Uruguay, where children have demonstrated they were using our software on the OLPC to improve their in-class learning. This was an inspiring demonstration for the Chamilo 1.8 team, as a representation of how their work could affect lifes of children from isolated regions of the world. See a short video (in Spanish) here. It granted us an enormous dosis of motivation to "jump ahead" in the development of Dokeos and defend the right of our code to be and remain free of all business pressures. "Salto" also means "jump" in Spanish, which we also enjoy to represent the enormous jump the move from Dokeos to Chamilo represents.

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